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Blush Icons

Icons by ephramyfan & tyger_fied

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Welcome to Blush Icons, the icon community of ephramyfan and tyger_fied.

Other items may be posted here including mood themes and screencaps. You may friend or join this community to keep on top of our updates, but please do not comment asking to be friended in return.

1. Do not steal our icons/materials! We take a lot of time to make these items for your personal use and it's just rude to steal things and claim them as your own.

2. Please do not hotlink items on message boards, etc.

3. Please give credit in your keywords if you use one of our icons/materials. You can credit the individual creator or this community in general.

4. Feel free to nominate our icons in challenges and such, but please let us know so we can keep track. :)


If you would like to be affiliated with Blush Icons please email one of the moderators at blushicons@gmail.com.


Screencaps & Images:
* cap_it
* Style.Com
* Something Happens (VM)
* Back To You (Everwood)
* RoryandLogan.Net (GG)
* Awoke The Dawn (Tristan & Isolde)

* Foley's Textures
* One
* Still Pretty
* CASEY {nadine's arts}
* 1GreenEye
* Hybrid Genesis
* Inferno Sprite
* Trex-Tures
* Simplification
* Fractured Sanity

Created by laghairt. Thanks!

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